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reedpages: Mr. Cartoon

August 8, 2011

Sitting on my balcony this past Saturday with a companion named “Montecristo”, I was reading the first official issue of reedpages.  One of the featured articles is with Mr. Cartoon.  A Legend in the graffiti and tattoo industry, he talks about how he got into the creative game and why and how he continues to do what he does best.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the interview:

Change and the art of manifestation:

“I really began to change when I started helping people.  That is the only thing that has kinda kept my ego at bay… and when I say that, I believe my ego is edging God out.  You see, my ego is what separates you from me.  For me, [in terms of getting to know someone] it has always been like, You don’t get my pain or I’m better than you.  Instead of, What do we have in common?  or Maybe you can relate to this.  I didn’t have that kind of thinking so I had to de-program my brain from Why aren’t these people understanding?  Why isn’t this money coming?  Why are these motherfuckers bitin’ my shit? And turn it around to How can I be on the next page?  How can I go further?  How can I start something new?  How can I take something old and revamp it?  I had to turn the negative into the positive for everything.”

On Graffiti:

“It has absolutely nothing to do with money.  Painting graffiti, you have no money and no expectations for money.  I never thought I was going to have a clothing company… [graffiti] had nothing to do with my doing that.  And that’s what scares me about these youngsters today.  Are they going to have the right drive-not induced by money-with the availability of the internet?”

On Life:

“the important thing in the end was that I believed that I was a phenom.  So because I had that belief, I showed up.  Therefore, it happened for me.  Without that belief, there might not have been enough of anything to take me through that shit.  There are very few people who are considered phenoms like that.  A six-year-old Filipino girl sings like Mariah Carey, I can’t explain it.  That’s God’s intervention.  But for the rest of us, I had to work, man.  30 years.  Now I’m going to blast this Thai kid’s back out and people say I’m gifted (earlier he talked about a Thai kid flying in to get his entire back tattooed).  But I’ve been drawing for over 30 years, every day.  So if it wasn’t for that fucking PCP, I’d probably be even farther right now!  Man if I could hop in a time machine and give advice to myself, I’d say, “Shut up… shut up and listen.  Nobody ever learned anything when they were cocky.”  I would have told him, “Stick with me, do what I say and I’ll get you there without all the fucking punches in the face and sick shit.”  But would I, as an 18-year-old, have listened to [my advice]?  Probably not.”

Peep the digital copy on reedpages here or come by the house and read the actual copy.