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4.25.11 “National Oldest Sibling Day”

April 25, 2011

I’m making today the official “1st Child/Oldest Sibling Day” to pay homage to all the oldest siblings for the following:

1. For all the extra time and energy they spend, that they could be spending on themselves, trying to pave the way, setting a positive example, looking out for, and worrying about their bastard younger siblings.

2. Being the learning experience for their parents to be parents…

3. then playing 3rd parent after anyway.

4. For being the mediator and vessel of their parents’ messages.

5. For looking like their parents’ accomplices in their “plot to ruin your younger siblings lives”.

6. For having it the worst growing up.

7. For watching their younger siblings get away with murder.

8. For not being selfish and even giving a fuck about their younger siblings that their younger siblings would never get anywhere else.

Salute to you, Oldest Sibling!

Your time and energy is well spent and invested into the greater good of your younger siblings that don’t give a damn about anything you tell them anyway.  It’s understood that you bear the extra pressure, stress and weight on your shoulder by being born into this role and because you care about your little siblings.

Stay up, Stay Strong!