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June 20, 2011

why I don’t partake… Sorry I’m anti social-network.  People’s reactions are priceless when I respond with “I don’t have Face Book” whenever they ask me to find and add them.  But here are some quotes from an article I read today that kind of second my reason.

“Instead of working on an essay, I would waste time browsing people’s walls,” says Kip Krieger, a college student from Virginia, who like Cole has consciously reduced how much time he spends on Facebook.

On top of that, Facebook has become predictable, Krieger says.

“It’s really gotten to a point where I know pretty much what my friends are going to post. They usually just write the same thing over and over again, and I am getting sick of that.”

Joshua DeRosa, a Salt Lake City graphic artist and former Facebook user, agrees.

“I don’t need to see pics or hear updates about people’s babies,” he says. “I know what babies look like, and while you might think what Junior did was the cutest thing ever, I couldn’t care less.”

Others contacted for this story say constant status updates may inadvertently discourage more meaningful and sensory interactions that can only take place offline.

“My mom quit Facebook because she wanted us to call her on the phone and see her in person more,” says a 29-year-old Provo, Utah, man who wishes to remain anonymous.

No beef with anyone that has it, knock yourself out.  I even try to encourage my girl to start one if she wants to.  Just personally, there’s already not enough time in the day for me to do the things I want to do, especially being the “Jack of all trades” that I apparently am as my friends have labeled me while still trying to be at least a “Master of one”.

But yea, that’s all!  Carry on!

or read the full article here if you want.