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We need something like this in the DC area!

July 28, 2011

Table Tennis aka Ping Pong is probably one of the most slept on games/sports.  You can’t just say that you “play”.  There’s more to it than what people perceive it as just the boring volley back and forth, and Forrest Gump.  You gotta play to make your opponent not be able to return the ball until the game looks like a damn DragonBall Z fight.  Even if it’s slept on, in NY it doesn’t seem to be.  Look at that lineup!  CHUN! Why isn’t MangoSeed part of this?  I’m surprised Creative Control isn’t in it being that Dame Dash apparently plays.  It’s going down tonight! Dammit!



July 7, 2011

this sums up my 4th this year.

Better Than Yours Mixshow

June 1, 2011

These guys were, and still are pretty much 757’s Creme de la Creme of Tablists.  They feature the OG DJ battle cats in VA Beach back in the days and are now uniting in BTYM with new skool DJs to make sure people don’t forget that there is way more to DJs than just pressing buttons and fist pumps.  Glad to see them keepin’ the art alive.  Peep out the roster and the live show every Tuesday night on some real live sh!t.

4.25.11 “National Oldest Sibling Day”

April 25, 2011

I’m making today the official “1st Child/Oldest Sibling Day” to pay homage to all the oldest siblings for the following:

1. For all the extra time and energy they spend, that they could be spending on themselves, trying to pave the way, setting a positive example, looking out for, and worrying about their bastard younger siblings.

2. Being the learning experience for their parents to be parents…

3. then playing 3rd parent after anyway.

4. For being the mediator and vessel of their parents’ messages.

5. For looking like their parents’ accomplices in their “plot to ruin your younger siblings lives”.

6. For having it the worst growing up.

7. For watching their younger siblings get away with murder.

8. For not being selfish and even giving a fuck about their younger siblings that their younger siblings would never get anywhere else.

Salute to you, Oldest Sibling!

Your time and energy is well spent and invested into the greater good of your younger siblings that don’t give a damn about anything you tell them anyway.  It’s understood that you bear the extra pressure, stress and weight on your shoulder by being born into this role and because you care about your little siblings.

Stay up, Stay Strong!

So Whatcha Sayin

December 8, 2010

Recently in Tablism…

November 18, 2010

It wasn’t too long following the closing of record stores, from Plan 9 to Fat Beats, for Panasonic to announce the end of production of the legendary Technics 1200 due to the obvious downfall in tangible music media sales, especially vinyl.  It’s amazing how long vinyl and turntables lasted even after our parents considered them obsolete.  On the other hand, It’s crazy to go through history as it happens and thinking about telling kids in the future “I remember when we had…”  Although it’s pretty disheartening, the new emerging technology is getting just as exciting and just allows room for further creativity.  But it doesn’t mean that the almighty 12s should just be set on the shelves just yet.  Still nothing gets as close, warm sounding, and more real-time than direct hand-contact with the music source itself, vinyl.  If you still have them, protect your investment.

Meanwhile, The Disco Mix Club Competition, known for endorsing Technics using the 1200s and a mixer, has also announced that they will be embracing the use of digital media such as Serato Scratch Live in DJ battle routines.  Long gone will be the days of switching multiple records to use for samples, or the expensive custom vinyl presses, all just to squeeze in a six-minute routine.  Now with the introduction to digital media and effects, Tablism and DJ Battling will be taken to a whole completely new other level from the days of flash beat-juggling and technical scratch routines using records that you had to dig for days to find.  I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ Craze, the Michael Jordan of DMC, might have possibly already figured something out incorporating digital media into a routine, and I’m sure many Tablists still heavy in the battle circuit are up late right now cooking up their 6 minutes with expanded tools.  Craze’s new routine (notice the RocRaida FOREVER Tee) definitely lives up to his name.  I’m curious to see how far this new breed of Battle DJs would take it.

Go if you know!

November 8, 2010

Obey, Parla, Dalek, just to name a few in DC.


MMM @ 757

August 26, 2010

Just heard the word from homie DJ Chris Style that one of the Legendary DJs, Mix Master Mike, best known from being the DJ for the Beastie Boys and also a member of the Legendary Tablist Crew the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, will be doing a 15 minute set at the East Coast Surfing Championships happening this Saturday 8.28.10 at 7pm in VA Beach.  Miiiiiiiight go.  I’ll get at you 757 heads if I do.  If I don’t make it, GO!

Fresh Frames: 7.4.10

July 15, 2010

Just a quick snap shot of this year’s 4th spent with Linda, Mom, and her friends.  Kanpai!

Oh Snap!

June 17, 2010

Poppin off my homie of Spoiled or Rotten,  Will’s 28th shindig!