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DJs get your cuts sharp for upcoming Re:Sessions videos. Lookout for invites from me and @BTYMixshow coming early January. Meanwhile, heres some rusty cuts to @Common ‘s Sweet by yours truly

December 28, 2011

#undun by @TheRoots on heavy rotation, good music palette cleanser.

December 9, 2011

Who woulda known? Ice Cube likes Eames too!

December 8, 2011

October 16, 2011

Clever Packaging: Watch The Throne

August 29, 2011

On the way to Va Beach last week, we stopped by “Tarjay” off I95 for a quick rest stop.  We decided we might as well browse through the music isle to pick up some tunage for the road so I picked up Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne”.  I know many people got it off iTunes, but as I mentioned before, I personally still enjoy the excitement of opening a tangible copy of an album.

Going through the music isle, this album is hard to miss since it stands out with the gold cover with embossed designs by Riccardo Tisci c/o Givenchy.

it opens up with 4 flaps on all sides revealing more photographic designs with the center holding the disc.

on the flipside, the gold embossed design is repeated on all panels of the cover.

While driving and half way into listening to the album, the repetition of the gold panels and the way the album cover panels opened up all of a sudden clicked and made sense to me why it was designed that way.  I had to grab the album packaging while driving and folded it up to this…

(queue transfromer’s sound effect)

not sure if this was the designers intention, but it just made sense for it to be which I thought was pretty…Pretty dope.  I really like that there’s been an effort in making album covers interesting and creative lately to hopefully entice people to actually buy the record as opposed to downloading it.

As for a review on the actual album, I thought it was OK.  It get’s progressively better, and it’s interesting to hear the some tracks influenced by Dubstep.  As for the rest, I’ll leave the details up to the other blogs.  I mainly just wanted to comment on the clever packaging and hopefully encourage people to at least try to buy an album every once in a while.  It’s worth it.


ILL Session

July 14, 2011

One of my favorite stores/blogs, Turntable Lab’s Finest get down on an in store scratch session with some champs like Shiftee and Rafik.  Been a while since I’ve heard any double time cuts this dope since D-Styles and Toadstyle.  Soo good to see people that still care about cuttin’.  And if you’re just getting into DubStep and like it, it’s pretty much super beefed up and exaggerated scratch beats.  So if you like DubStep, I think you’d be able to tolerate scratch sessions like this.

and for the audio file


June 30, 2011

Better Than Yours Mixshow

June 1, 2011

These guys were, and still are pretty much 757’s Creme de la Creme of Tablists.  They feature the OG DJ battle cats in VA Beach back in the days and are now uniting in BTYM with new skool DJs to make sure people don’t forget that there is way more to DJs than just pressing buttons and fist pumps.  Glad to see them keepin’ the art alive.  Peep out the roster and the live show every Tuesday night on some real live sh!t.

Re: Fresh Frames: Genesis – Music

April 27, 2011

23 days later since I posted Genesis’ vid for “Music” and “Braille & Sign Language”, it got the nod once again from Coodie & Chike of Creative Control and is now up on the the front page of!  Good job Genesis!  It’s flattering and humbling to have your creations rub shoulders with great work from credible musicians and directors instead of just being in a pool of media with a bunch of randomness.  Thank you CC, and keep it up Genesis!



April 13, 2011