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“Perseverance Pays” – Dad

February 12, 2012

Last Sunday when I picked my Dad up from NC, we passed by an old landmark that sparked a reminiscing session on the road.  I was reminded by it again today by a glass of water.  Between these 2 cups is a 16 year story of perseverance.  I remember working side by side with my Dad running the kitchen at San Antonio Sam’s as cook and dishwasher, then riding home in a Geo Storm back to a completely unfurnished house.  Now people think we were born with silver spoons in our mouths.  Don’t get it twisted, we worked hard and earned it all from the ground up.  As we passed by Sam’s, I was like “Damn, we used to be co-workers in that restaurant Dad.”… “Yup, Perseverance Pays” – Dad  #noexcusesinamerica