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Dia de los muertos!

October 31, 2011

Muerte by Mike Giant, finding it.

Retna: Black Magic

October 24, 2011

Speaking of black on black and ballin’, one of my fave artists El Mac’s great collaborators, Retna, using his heiroglyphic style calligraphy as a backdrop for Mac’s signature portrait murals, is releasing a new print in the following week titled “Black Magic”.  5 color hand pulled print at a giant 38.5″ x 55″, signed and numbered edition of 30.  How about a $6,500 art investment?  Dude is being slept on and blowing up quick.  Been a while since I’ve invested in art, but if I had $6,500 to drop within the next week, that means I could probably be closer to being engaged within that time instead.  I’d end up getting black on black eye from Linda.  Lmao.

Different kinda Ballin’

October 21, 2011

If I were ever ballin’ literally, and figuratively, this is what I’d have in my garage.  Peep the price tag on this thing.

re:  I think I’ll just paint mine flat black… oooooooooh… or paint a mural on it… ooooooooooOooh… ideas.

October 16, 2011