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Tune In!

November 30, 2010

DJ Bee and the Skratch Makaniks keepin HipHop and the Tech-1200s alive!

Listen out for the drop by homie DEAO5 of SpoiledorRotten reppin C’MONwealth!

Illadelph Half Day

November 20, 2010

Circa Halloween 2010.

Al Capone’s cell block @ Eastern State Penitentiary

In the Philippines they call this “Mami” haven’t had it in over a decade.

Correction: I did find it at the Monte Carlo in Vegas this past summer.  So, haven’t had it since summer.

More Chinatown awesomeness with a closeup below…

Chocolate rats.

Chinatown Bakery Owner:  Hey designer, can you make me some labels for my pastries?

Designer: Sure!  So what are these called?

Chinatown Bakery Owner: Uhhh… Jelly Cake!

Designer: (Types what he heard,which is later to be corrected by the owner.)

If those were Jerry Cake, then what were these called?

and what do Filipinos call this guy?Good times with the Lees!

Recently in Tablism…

November 18, 2010

It wasn’t too long following the closing of record stores, from Plan 9 to Fat Beats, for Panasonic to announce the end of production of the legendary Technics 1200 due to the obvious downfall in tangible music media sales, especially vinyl.  It’s amazing how long vinyl and turntables lasted even after our parents considered them obsolete.  On the other hand, It’s crazy to go through history as it happens and thinking about telling kids in the future “I remember when we had…”  Although it’s pretty disheartening, the new emerging technology is getting just as exciting and just allows room for further creativity.  But it doesn’t mean that the almighty 12s should just be set on the shelves just yet.  Still nothing gets as close, warm sounding, and more real-time than direct hand-contact with the music source itself, vinyl.  If you still have them, protect your investment.

Meanwhile, The Disco Mix Club Competition, known for endorsing Technics using the 1200s and a mixer, has also announced that they will be embracing the use of digital media such as Serato Scratch Live in DJ battle routines.  Long gone will be the days of switching multiple records to use for samples, or the expensive custom vinyl presses, all just to squeeze in a six-minute routine.  Now with the introduction to digital media and effects, Tablism and DJ Battling will be taken to a whole completely new other level from the days of flash beat-juggling and technical scratch routines using records that you had to dig for days to find.  I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ Craze, the Michael Jordan of DMC, might have possibly already figured something out incorporating digital media into a routine, and I’m sure many Tablists still heavy in the battle circuit are up late right now cooking up their 6 minutes with expanded tools.  Craze’s new routine (notice the RocRaida FOREVER Tee) definitely lives up to his name.  I’m curious to see how far this new breed of Battle DJs would take it.

Go if you know!

November 8, 2010

Obey, Parla, Dalek, just to name a few in DC.