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Tribute to the Grand Master

September 23, 2010

This past Sunday 9.19.10 marked the 1 year anniversary of Grand Master Roc Raida’s passing due to complications resulting from a tragic MMA accident.  A month later after the Roc Raida died, I found out that there was a Roc Raida Tribute show happening at BB Kings in NY.  As soon as I found out, I thought that I just had to go, and was accompanied by my homie Gerrell (Vanz).  We took a quick less than 24 hour day-trip to NY to re-live Roc Raida’s essence on the turntables through the creme-de-la-creme of Turntablists.  The stage was packed with reunions of Roc Raida’s crew the X-Ecutioners, the Allies, Beat Junkies, as well as many more legendary DJs such as Kool Herc.  His DMC battle routines were recreated and performed by various DJs, and new sets were also put together tributed to him.  The venue had the illest vibe ever, being surrounded by people that really recognize and appreciate the true artform of DJing.   I even came across some familiar people in the crowd.  I bumped into one of my old time DJ battle competitors, DJ Marcus, and Busta Rhymes, who really looked down and out of it that night due to the loss of  his personal DJ.  Although we had to go back to work sleepless that same morning just hours upon arriving home, the tiring trip was well worth it.  However, although I loved and appreciated the tribute they put together,  starstruck and all seeing some of the best of the best in HipHop, I just wish shows like that would happen more often without being generated by tragedy.  At tonight’s gig, I’ll be rocking the shirt that I got from the show that everyone was rocking that same night and play some tracks to honor the late Great Grand Master Roc Raida.  RIP

Grand Master Roc Raida DMC 1996: DMC

DJ Craze Roc Raida Tribute 2009: 13th Witness

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September 22, 2010

Bootleg Alcohol + Buscemi + Scorsese

you should too.

Sad but True but Hilarious

September 10, 2010

Being that I recently just got came back out of DJ gig retirement, I get to experience once again the ridiculous but hilarious encounters behind the turntables that make DJs want to kill or be killed.   I came across this blog site while peeping out’s blog.  The stories are hilarious and so true, accompanied by hilarious captioned sarcastic stick figure drawings.  Peep it out!

Have a great weekend!

Fresh Frames: Vanz ft. Deao5 – Tobacco Packs

September 6, 2010

Vanz and Dea05 (pronounced day-oh-five) of SpoiledorRotten team up for one of the tracks off Vanz’ Illuminated Manuscripts EP.  One of those lyrically focused songs with straight emceeing and no hooks.  The video initially started off as a test shoot that I’ve been wanting to do playing with smoke under a spotlight.  It was a random Saturday night before Vanz’ birthday when he came up for a visit as well as to have some isolated time from his own place to write.  We eventually ended up in one of those “why not” situations and shot this video for “Tobacco Packs” since we had Vanz, Deao5, me and my cam, and cigarettes.  It’s been a while since the teaser video I posted.  Finally, here’s the full video.  Kanpai!

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