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July 16, 2010

have a great weekend!

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Keepin em coming…

July 15, 2010

“Roots productions, will always stay paid…they take the freshest jams, and make em fresher!” – Mos Def (Casa Bey Live with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon)

Homie Ollie the “O Gd Father” just sent me a link today that shows a sneak peek on a collab between John Legend and The Roots titled “Wake Up” coming out around Sept this year.  Nice call on people sleepin’ on them.   Can’t wait for more live music!

Peep more here:

Fresh Frames: 7.4.10

July 15, 2010

Just a quick snap shot of this year’s 4th spent with Linda, Mom, and her friends.  Kanpai!

Fresh Frames: Genesis – I Just Wanna Be A Writer (Note to Pharrell)

July 11, 2010

Finally, here’s the video I mentioned two posts ago.  Genesis actually drove 10 hours compared to my 3 to meet up for the first time and just wing it.  Props to him for that.  It’s funny because shooting the vid, I felt like a tourist in my own hometown running up and down the beach strip with a camera and actually riding the “Wave” trolley for the first time.  I want to thank my bro and all his friends for helping out.  I at least got the kids two big Slurpees for the black and white scene.  They were hilarious to work with.  I’ve never had to deal with kids in a video shoot, and it just dawned on me that they were just kids when they started complaining about the heat, tripping from running, and having to do the shots like 10 times.  They did well though.  I had to YouTube this one though since Vimeo charges for uploads over 500mb.  I’ll have to upgrade my account to post it up there since there’s less junk compared to YouTube.  But at least the video is up for now!  So yea, hope you like it.  Enjoy!