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Another One

June 23, 2010

Yesterday I found out from my good old homie Ollie that The Roots’ new album came out (how did I not know this?).  I was planning on picking it up today and Linda surprised me with it after lunch at the “boo-fay”.  I’ve heard of dinner and a movie, but lunch and music?  Way to follow comfort food with comfort tunes.  So far so good…on track 5!  Thanks beb!

The next day, verdict:

Love it!  Cohesive.  Almost like as if you’re taking a walk with Black Thought and he’s politicking lyrically.  I’d say my favorite out of the last three albums they released.  Definitely a breath of fresh air along side with Distant Relatives (Nas/Damian Marley), especially after I’ve been sifting through club party songs from DJ Chris Cruz’s hard drive.  Thanks Roots Crew!

Genesis: I Just Wanna Be A Writer (Note to Pharrell)

June 23, 2010

It’s been a while since I posted anything music related.  Russell McGee aka Genesis is one of my brother’s good friends whom he’s been helping out to gain exposure.  From making promo materials, to handing out mixtapes in which after being passed around, one of the tracks somehow unintentionally made it to Virginia Beach’s local radio station 103 Jamz’s “Battle on da Block” hosted by DJ Bee.  Additionally, the track won the battle daily by popular votes for nearly a month.  This weekend, I’ll be literally helping my brother to help Genesis gain more exposure by shooting a video for his popular track that gave him a little accidental fame in the 757 area.   He created this track to hopefully reach out to one of the most successful producers from VA Beach, Pharrell.  Just simple and witty lyricism in the same vibe of artists such as Little Brother and Lupe Fiasco.  For more, I’ll be posting his mixtape “Grey Skies” soon.

and in his own words…

“Pharrel Williams actually had the time to listen to the whole Grey Skies Mixtape and enjoyed it! My agent and I had a meeting set up with him that we patiently waited for, and at the last minute, found out the meeting was not happening…So i made this track like im directly speaking to Pharrel…Just hoping 1 day i can get a reply from it…patiently waiting tho…”

Oh Snap!

June 17, 2010

Poppin off my homie of Spoiled or Rotten,  Will’s 28th shindig!

Guess Who?

June 15, 2010

Mr. “Hip?…hip hop?…hip hop anonymous?”  himself.  Yup, way to cap me and Linda’s graduation trip/vacation.  We saw and met Mr. Rob Schneider at the DC Improv.  Just as he’s already funny in his movies, this guy is even more hilarious on stand up.  He has that goofy kind of humor that you would expect out of him, and he cracks on his life experiences and different cultures being that he’s half Jewish and Filipino.  He also has a sprinkle of some very good basic life pointers that remind us all how we should be grateful for who we are and what we have; and problems, no matter how big, will always be temporary as long as we make an effort to do something about them.  Off stage and in person, just as you would imagine him to be, he’s very down to earth, very humble, and a really chill guy that he actually stood there for a few minutes to chat before and after some pictures.  I learned from him that our mothers share the same Filipino dialect “Ilokano” which was pretty cool.  This picture was our favorite, it was really nice for us to have a moment and be goofy with Rob.  He was all about it, then he offered to sign the show’s program I was holding and wrote Go Pinoy! Love Rob Schneider.  Another great addition to my wall of fame which is running out of space.