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Tablist Altar

March 28, 2010

I remember the days when I was couch crashing at my homie DJ Chris Style and DJ Jedi’s place which saved me from the 2 hour commute from home and or sleeping in my car as I completed my last semester in VCU, all in exchange for a pack of Siopao which I brought back from the weekend trips home, and the occasional 6-pack of something.  The couch that I comfortably crashed in was in front of a large gloss black coffee table with stacks of Stuff and Maxim magazines and was sprinkled with blue IKEA eyeball coasters.  Behind that was a white brick wall.  That wall was where four turntables, four mixers, and crates of vinyl, were all setup on wire shelving, speakers and cabinets, and computer desks.  Many nights we all faced that white wall during late night Q&A scratch sessions that made the neighbors downstairs add their own twist to the music by banging on Chris and Jed’s front door while yelling out “Assholes!” over the floor-shaking bass and head-snapping snares from the break beats we were cutting to.  We’d stop the music once the knocking started, but as soon as we hear their footsteps make their way back down the stairwell, the session continued right after we just quietly laughed our asses off.  To this day, I thank them for their hospitality to a fellow DJ and for giving me the opportunity to complete college comfortably.  Half a decade later, I’m glad to know that we’re all still keeping ourselves busy with the turntables.  Additionally, Chris has shown that he refined his set with a console he had built which cleanly frames his almighty 1200’s that were recently accompanied with a 57 mixer. One of the many DJs I know that has full respect and knowledge behind being a good DJ.  Good job homes!

Fresh Frames: Low Light Test

March 21, 2010

On a spur of the moment night out for some oysters and a few drinks at a place we call “Schmick’s”, I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out my cam’s low light capabilities. A little story evolved in the process inspired by Q-tip’s “Blue Girl”. Some shots are obviously grainy. I’ll have to spend more time with it’s different settings to hopefully get cleaner low light pictures.

Fresh Frames

March 19, 2010

4 years of not capturing a single frame and 24hrs into my new cam. I finally had to pick up the needles and get back into the groove of video. Nothing special here, just went right into the middle of the city and shot random test footage to try to get familiar with the new cam.


March 15, 2010

mannyFrom nothing, he pummeled his way out of the third world walls hungry, determined, humble, with $2.00 and the only tools he had accessible to him, his two hands.  One of the perfect examples of why there shouldn’t be any reason for anyone not to succeed in a world where the tools needed to do so are literally handed to you.